1. Enjoying this sun while it lasts. (at Station Amsterdam Centraal)

  2. Foodstagramming is still acceptable when it’s a work of taco art from @gabejazzy (at Hiding in Plain Sight Amsterdam)

  3. Thrills and spills. (at Amsterdam Harbour)

  4. Haphazard. (at Ndsm, Amsterdam Noord)

  5. Paint on paint can at #Berlin Graphic Days (at Urban Spree)

  6. It’s fucking wet out. (at City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

  7. Happy Birthday to all three of these amazing people. (Plus you too mom!) (at Kasteel Krox II)

  8. Until next year, Sweden. (at Ekestad)

  9. Loving Sweden. (at kring Hammarsjön)

  10. One last day on the water. (at Kristianstad, Sweden)