1. Until next year, Sweden. (at Ekestad)

  2. Loving Sweden. (at kring Hammarsjön)

  3. One last day on the water. (at Kristianstad, Sweden)

  4. Your legacies Mr Disney + Mr Jobs = Nemo on the iPad (at Malmö Centralstation)

  5. Saw more of this than anything. Happy to be home. #24hrsinBoston

  6. Drawing to an end. (at Χανιά - Παλιό Λιμάνι)

  7. Pretty much the perfect lunch table (at Sfinári, Khania, Greece)

  8. Afternoon of old men drinking Raki (at Maza, Crete)

  9. On point. (at Chania Harbor)

  10. What happens when you leave the grandparents to do the wardrobe selection and you jet off to Greece? This.